I LOVE pork chops. So does my brother. He’s crazy about them. It has to look good, and it has to taste good. The taste I understand. But the fact that it has to look good to.  My brother loves it so much it’s like me and my phone.I will never be away from it for more than two hours. My brother is like a monster and it’s food. RULE 1: never bother my brother when he’s eating his pork. Once I did this and my brother when CRAZY when I just say something. So remember never come between my brother and his pork.

Favorite Celebrity: Jake Short

I am a big fan of Jake Short and the shows he’s on.  Jake Short plays a kid named Fletcher Quimby from A.N.T. Farm, Fletcher is an artistic genius.  He fell in love with a girl named Chyna Parks (China Anne McClain).He also plays Oliver on Mighty Med, Oliver is a super hero doctor that saves super hero’s as a job. For you other Jake Short fans you can go on http://thejakeshort.com/interests/ you can find things about him and you can even send him fan mail.