What Do You Think????

Right now I can’t think of any thing to write about. So I look at things that my teacher thinks are point less. Some of the things I look at are silly pictures like a cat doing something that looks funny. One of those things:



Well I can’t think of anything right now. 🙁 Well TTFN!!!!!! 🙂




Saturday was the best day ever!!!!!!!! I went to a small but awesome party at my friends house. I had so much fun!!! Before I went to her house we went to see the “Lego Movie”. It was so cool.   The wizard Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) attempts to protect the “Kragle”, a superweapon, from the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell). He fails to do so…*stops for a moment* what am I doing?! You should watch the movie yourself. EVERYTHING IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!